Pet Dental Care

At Indian Head Animal Clinic, we prioritize proper pet dental care for your pets to give them bright smiles and better well-being.

Pet Dental Care in Indian Head, SK

Often, pet owners are told to wait until their pet is 5 or 6 years old before performing any veterinary dental care. This is a recipe for tooth loss, tooth root abscess, and infections in the jaw bone leading to excessive extractions. By starting your pet’s oral health care when they are just puppies and kittens, we can save and preserve your pet’s teeth.

A person brushing a cat's teeth

Importance of Pet Dentistry

Just like humans, pets require regular dental care to prevent dental diseases and maintain good oral hygiene. However, unlike us, pets can’t brush their teeth daily, making professional dental treatments even more crucial. Our goal at IHAC is always to save your pet’s teeth. This is why we recommend a preventative care schedule for dentistry that begins at 12 months for cats and small dogs, and 24 months for large breed dogs.

At the first COHAT (comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment), we will set out the ongoing schedule specific to your pet that is needed to ensure that your best friend gets to grow old with their teeth intact, healthy, and pain-free! Dental treatments at Indian Head Animal Clinic are thorough and include dental X-rays to assess teeth roots and jawbone health, full mouth scaling and polishing, root planing of any areas where periodontal disease has started, bone grafting if needed to prevent tooth loss, and ultimately, extractions, if the periodontal disease is simply too advanced to be reversed.

By providing regular dental care, you can reduce the need for extractions and ensure your pet’s teeth remain healthy and strong.

Anesthesia for Dentistry

We do an innovative style of anesthesia for our oral patients, which allows them to be extremely light, almost awake, but keeps them still to allow the procedures to be done. Our dental blocks ensure that our patients are pain-free. This makes anesthesia very safe for our dentistry patients.

Our Pet Dentistry Services

At Indian Head Animal Clinic, our pet dentistry services include:

Pet Complete Oral Health Assessments

We thoroughly examine your pet’s oral health, including dental X-rays, to identify any underlying issues.

Oral Surgeries

We provide oral surgeries for traumatic fractures or other dental issues that require surgical intervention.

Dental Treatment

Our dental treatment includes scaling, polishing, root planing, and bone grafting to remove plaque and tartar buildup, keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.

Benefits of Our Pet Dentistry Services

  • Prevention of Dental Diseases: Regular dental cleanings can prevent dental diseases such as periodontal disease and tooth decay.
  • Improved Overall Health: Good dental health is linked to better overall health in pets, as dental issues can lead to systemic infections if left untreated.
  • Pain Relief: Dental cleanings and treatments can alleviate dental pain and discomfort, improving your pet’s quality of life.

When to Visit Indian Head Animal Clinic

Regular dental check-ups are recommended to maintain your pet’s dental health. However, if you notice any signs of dental issues or if it’s been more than a year since your pet’s last dental cleaning, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us. Our team of experienced veterinarians will ensure that your pet receives the best possible dental care.

Ensure your pet’s dental health with our comprehensive pet dentistry services at Indian Head Animal Clinic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend.